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"Our hair...
is the most personal
form of self-expression
that we have.

As an intrinsic part of
our individuality and identity, I believe in
modern shapes
that are easy to



Your hair is one of your most immediate ways of expression. It represents identity, strength and a personal vision of beauty. A compliment about your hair is a compliment to the individual you are.

Randy's trademark for precision cutting has evolved since his time spent at Vidal Sassoon as a stylist, in Chicago, Scottsdale, and at the Santa Monica Academy. Randy has also worked alongside the highly acclaimed International Artistic Team. With an outstanding eye for detail, his photographic work produced some breathtaking results.                                 

Also known as
"The Hair Architect," Randy has a great understanding of the importance of suitability and the intricate structure of a haircut. These modern, innovative, and sophisticated shapes are based around the clients' bone structure, hair texture, and lifestyle, giving his clients a bonus...because they are also low-maintenance, extremely versatile and easy to recreate at home.




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Thanks, Randy

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