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A Note from Helle

"Having a hairstyling session with Vidal Sassoon-trained Randy Swan is always a transformational event! Randy has done my hair for more than a year now and he has never failed me with his advice and expertise.

I have lived abroad and have met a lot of world-class hairdressers. Randy is at the top of my list. I think he is perfect for the woman who knows what she wants but finds it hard to get!

Randy rightfully calls himself a "hair architect" as he calmly, firmly and professionally guides you to the style that looks best for you and your hair. Like an artist sculpts a statue or an architect designs a project, Randy creates your hairstyle in collaboration with your wishes.

Randy loves what he does, and it shows. You will leave with a raised level of confidence and self esteem."

Helle Brisson
Carlsbad, CA


A Note from Barbara

"Randy Swan is a true artist whose ability to form and shape one's hair brings forth amazing results! He is a perfectionist, whose work is his life and his passion!

He is truly an architect, using the hair as his raw material. He shapes and builds slowly and with a masterful eye and touch. The results speak for themselves."

San Diego, CA

A Note from Luis

"Randy Swan is a rare find. He is an coutlier in the truest sense of the word. In this day and age, when mediocrity is an acceptable norm, Randy stands leagues above others.

One indicator of his outlier status is how he has a tattoo of a hair-cutting technique established by Vidal Sassoon on his arm. How many hairstylists can you say have a tattoo that demonstrates an appreciation for what they do? Well...Randy is one! He bills himself as the "hair architect" and I have to say he lives up to the title!

His appreciation for the craft of cutting hair is not just on his arm, but his artistry is also evidenced in his hands! This man is a master with the scissors! He masterfully moves from one set of strands to another with ease and precision. He takes his time to complete a process that is attentive to detail, meticulous in design and in function. He will take his time, where others rush. He is focused, and deliberate in his work. He thinks ahead too about how your hair will grow out.

I had my hair cut by Randy and the style lasted for 6 months!!!! How many hairstylists do you know of that will prepare you to have a style that looks good over the span of time? Most will be eager for you to return, but sooner than you may want to. Randy cares more about you looking good for a while!!! In fact, one of the critiques of Randy is that he takes too much time with his sessions! That he sets his clients up so they don't have to return as often!!! Think about what that critique is rooted in!!

Randy stays true to form and dedicates the time necessary to perform his work! He once said "it's not how much hair you lose in a cut that matters, but how much you get to keep!" I'm taking the time to write this because I think a find like him is worthy of commenting on! In my view, he is a maestro! I'm convinced he will be my stylist for a long time to come!!!

If you have the chance to visit with Randy, tell him about my review! People like Randy can use the rewards that come from appreciation for what they do!!!! He's made a difference for me, and I'm sure he's done the same for others and will do the same for you...that's just Randy...it's some about his clients, but a lot about his professionalism, appreciation for his craft, and care for his art!!!"

Luis Vargas



A Note from Martine 

"Randy Swan at Evian Salon & Day Spa has been cutting my hair for at least five years. As a former model, I've worked with hairdressers around the world and Randy is one of the best cutters I've met - not to mention a genuine lovely person.

For those of you who know a little about haircutting, it suffices to say that Randy is Sassoon trained. For those of you who don't: it means that his cuts are precision cuts, with extreme attention paid to cutting lines. This allows you to go for several months in-between cuts. I've gone as long as six months, when I wanted to go a little longer (obviously, bangs needed to be trimmed, which he'll do at no charge).

Just to be clear, a precision cut doesn't mean just a bob or a short hairstyle; it can be applied to create pretty much any kind of style you want.

So, if you need a fabulous hair, be it wash and go or high maintenance styling, Randy is your guy. Oh - and to make this even better: his rates are super reasonable!"

Martine F.


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"People have stopped me, Randy, while out and about and as you know, more than several people have asked me..."Who cuts your hair?" 
Then, they ask for your phone number. Nice compliment to you, and to your  attention to the precision of the cut."

Randy, you're the BEST!!!"




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